Currently, the number of employed people, both Japanese and foreigners, in hotel business is estimated to be 570,000 people (estimate of lodging groups) . It is said that there are already about 30,000 people shortage at present.
Along with the increase in foreign visitors to Japan in the future, it is estimated that about 100,000 employees will be short by 5 years.
Hotel business industries expect to accept foreighn workers an upper limit of 22,000 people in five years.

Tokutei Ginou 1gou (“Designated Skilled Labor No.1” (provisional name))

 Accepted Prospects(Maximum value for 5 years) Examination necessary for obtaining status of residence  Type of work
 Skill Japanese
 22,000 people Shukuhakugyou Ginou Sokutei Siken(“Hotel Business skill exam” (provisional name))  Nihongo Nouryoku Hantei Test(“Computerized Assessment System for Japanese” (provisional name)) Front, Planning / Public Relations, Customer Service, Restaurant Service, Accommodation Service

※There is no problem to engage incidentally in related work (in-house sales, inspection and exchange of furnishings, etc.) conducted by Japanese

Shukuhakugyou Ginou Sokutei Siken(“Hotel Business skill exam” (provisional name))

Implementing entity Center for Accommodation Industry Proficiency Test(Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association.,All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association,
Japan Hotell Association, Japan City Hotel Association)
Implemental method  Written test, practical exam ※It’s already decided that first skill test will be held on April, 2019.
Implementation frequency About twice a year both in Japan and overseas.
Start April, 2019(Expectation)

*Shukuhakugyou Ginou Sokutei Siken(“Hotel Business skill exam” (provisional name)) will aim for overseas implementation starting in Japan. The initial exam is scheduled to be held in Japan in April for foreign students etc.

*Government-established Japanese-language ability tests are conducted in 9 countries, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal and Mongolia

How to employ ……

*You are licensed for hotel business

*Full-time direct employment

*Compensation equal to or better than Japanese



 受け入れ見込み数(5年間の最大値) 在留資格取得に必要な試験  従事する業務
 技能 日本語
 22,000人 宿泊業技能測定試験(仮称)  日本語能力判定テスト(仮称) フロント、企画・広報、接客、レストランサービス、宿泊サービス



実施主体 一般社団法人宿泊業技能試験センター(日本旅館協会、全国旅館ホテル生活衛生同業組合連合会
実施方法  筆記試験、実技試験 ※技能試験は4月から行うことは決定している
実施回数 国外、国内でそれぞれ年2回程度
開始時期 2019年4月予定