If foreigners want to work in a hotel or inn, only these 2 status of residence are allowed – the ” Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services” which requires expert knowledge, “part-time job” activities within 28 hours or less per week.

However, with the new status of residence “Tokuteiginou” that will be started from April this year, you will be able to get a status of residence with passing exam.

The contents of the exam are planned for skill test and Japanese language skill test. All the tests are carried out by the general accommodation industry skill test center.The site is already open, but since there is nothing inside yet, details on what kind of exam is undecided.


I will tell you as soon as I receive a new information.


しかし、今度の4月より開始される新しい在留資格(status of residence)「特定技能(とくていぎのう)」によって、試験に受かれば在留資格が得られるようになります。

試験の内容は技能(Skill test)と日本語テスト(Japanese Language skill test)を予定しています。