You will need to obtain permission depending on the content of the activity you intend to carry out as an out-of-qualification activity.

This is a translation of the content posted on the website of the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

It is also possible to obtain both a Comprehensive Permission and an Individual Permission.

If you already have one of these permissions, you can apply for an additional permission.

As a rule, those who reside as a spouse or a child who is dependent on a foreigner and those who are equivalent to it who carry out daily activities and have a «Designated Activities» status of residence are treated according to the «Dependent» status of residence.

1 Comprehensive Permission (when operating within 28 hours per week)

Comprehensive permission for activities outside the status of qualification is required for activities that operate a business with income or activities that receive compensation within 28 hours or less per week (*)

* “Activities to operate a business” in the «Comprehensive Permission» are activities as an administrator, etc., whose time to engage is clear according to the employment contract, etc.

If this is not the case, Individual Permission (below) is required.

【Required documents】

・ Application only

2 Individual Permission (when engaging in activities outside the extent of Comprehensive Permit)

If it is deemed that all of the following requirements are met, the name and business content of the public and private institutions in Japan that carry out the activities and other necessary matters will be determined and permitted individually.

(1) Conform to each requirement (general principle) of «Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted».

(2) The period of engagement in the activity shall not exceed the majority of the period of stay of the determined Status of Residence.

* If it is considered that the purpose of residence has been substantially changed based on the activities and contract details, it is necessary to take the procedure for permission to change the status of residence.

【Required documents】

・ Application form

・ Documents explaining activity contents, activity hours, remuneration, etc. (arbitrary form)

3  Others

(1) If it is difficult to objectively check the operating hours, such as when working as a sole proprietor, Individual Permission is required.

* Activities as an administrator, etc. whose time to engage in is clear from the employment contract, etc. can be worked only with the Comprehensive Permission.

* This is intended for the case of operating a relatively small-scale business independently, and when establishing a new corporation, hiring employees, or establishing a office, needs to change the status of residence to «Business Manager».

【Required documents】

・ Application form

・ Document (arbitrary form) explaining the plan for the operation of the business

(2) When operating with a business consignment contract or contractor contract, etc.

If the standard working hours are not clear due to a business consignment contract or contractor contract, individual permission for «Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted» is required.

* If the working hours that will be normally engaged in the contract are clear, it is possible to work only with the comprehensive permit.

【Required documents】

・ Application form

・ Document explaining the contents of the contract (arbitrary form)